Puddle Jumpers


For 3-5 year olds (must be toilet independent). We spend 2.5 hours together in the forest in song, searching for gnomes and fairies, learning through play with loose parts and plenty of hands on exploration. Through our play, we learn about ourselves, how to work with others as well as how the nature work around us works in harmony. This program is offered on Mondays (am) at our Island site, and Wednesdays (am and pm) at our Hiawatha site. 

Forest Explorers


For 4-12 year olds, Forest Explorers dig deeper into chil-led learning in our outdoor classrooms! We spend our days with dedicated Educators, learning through play and inquiry-based exploration of the natural world. We learn about others and ourselves and how to work together when differences of opinion emerge. This program is offered on Mondays (Island site), Tuesdays for 4-7 year olds (Hiawatha site) and Thursdays for 7-12 year olds (Hiawatha site).